Module 4

Working with Brands



Brands LOVE Twitter.  Seriously, anytime you want to do any sort of work with brands start tweeting them. It works.  What I love working about brands – they have money.

You need several thing when you work with brands.


1.  Media Kit.   I never share mine but here’s my Media Kit for you to check out.

Download  it here (Blogger Media Kit Checklist):

* You need to include a recent photo of you

*  Short Author Bio

* Description of your Blog Niche

* Your websites’ recent stats (social media numbers, page views, unique, email list size + rss readers).

*  Blog Name + URL + Phone Number!

*  Logo

* Demographics (use Quantcast)

* Note any awards or special recognition

* List your ad spots and cost (I recommend a graphic showing where the ads are located on your blog, sponsored post rates, giveaway rates, and conference sponsorship rates.)

Make sure your media kit matches your branding!


2. Disclosures:  Review,  Giveaway, Privacy    Click the links and copy to your delight!


3. Pitch Letter Ideas

4. Places to find brand work:


Social Spark

Massive Sway

Collective Bias

Kitchen PLAY


5. Always disclose when you do brand work and always No follow! No exceptions!

At the top of your post put:  This is a partnered conversation

At the bottom of the post put: This post is sponsored by BRAND. I only share with you my honest opinions and brands that I love.

Before all links in social media shares put: ad or #ad

6. Pitching Process

1. Start wooing the brand of choice on Twitter.   Either start re-tweeting their stuff and/or tagging them in posts that share their product.

2.  You can also be blunt and tweet them asking  if they work with bloggers

3. If they respond back, share how you can work together (review/giveaway/sponsored post) and include your media kit.   Always let them know you are available to jump on a call.

4. If they want to work together let them know your terms (pay upon post/before post/net 10 days) and get their time-frame and talking points.   Once you have this, give them the exact day and time.

5. Be 1000% professional.

7. How Much to Charge

I’m probably different in that I feel you should charge whatever you feel like when it comes to brand work.   However, here are 3 formulas to get to the dollar dollar.

Formula #1
# of page views + # of twitter followers ÷ page rank # x $ .01 ÷ 2 = your approximate sponsored post rate.

Formula #2 per WoodenSpoons Kitchen
(Time Spent x Hourly Rate) + ( (Page Views/1000) x Advertising rate)= $Price per Post

Formula #3
$25 per 1000 pageviews