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Why Free is 4 Letter Word

why free is a four letter word

You did it again.

You put your creativity and soul into a blog post.

You dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s and then decided to share a sneak peek photo with your readers and then you got some dreaded comment that made your hair stand up.

Link? Recipe?” whatever it is, all you see is “Gimmie, gimmie, gimme”

All you think is where’s the fucking appreciation for the time and money I spent creating this work that makes your life easier random person.

Or even worse you get the troll comment of the day and you want to scream like a 80s rocker in high heels who has bunions.

Yeah. You’re knee deep in the free cycle.

Free is a four letter word because nothing is truly free.

This is why free is bad.

Someone is paying a cost and that someone is you.

You are paying the cost of running a business . a.k.a the blog and most of you are barely covering the cost of hosting.

So how the hell do you get out of this cycle?

1. Check your business plan: If you’re just putting out out posts to make pennies on ad revenue, you need to get laser focused on creating a product that is the back bone of your site (i.e the reason you give away “free” content a.k.a. marketing).

2. Change your mindset – You are a business owner not a blogger. If you go into a business and see a display of something that you want to buy and then go to the owner and ask “Where Can I get this?” do they bristle? If they do they will go out of business quicker than snot.

That’s right. You’ve got to put on your big girl panties and stop playing the drama queen victim and take control of your business.  If all you do is create free content then that’s all people will expect from you.

Start figuring out who you are truly serving and then create something that helps them and solves a problem and then sell it to them.