Module 3

The Product

Before we get into making the product, I want to do a little mindset check.  Some of you are going to be freaking out about the following:  1) Your product needs to look 100% perfect  2) You will look dumb and people will laugh at you 3) No one will buy the product.

I’m going to tell you straight up that 1st round products aren’t perfect, some people will laugh at you (but they’re assholes), and people will buy it. Maybe only 1 person at first. Seriously, my first eBook sold 50 copies. I gave up, which is a shame, instead of doing what true business owners do – test a good idea until you get it correct.

You already have an idea of what your target audience wants and we’re going to test this idea before you fully commit to the work. That way you make money and get to experience success when you put it out to the world.

Also,  I want to make sure you understand that you are the only one who is 100% concerned with the success of your product.  You are going to get upset when you bring on affiliates (hell, or even try to get them)  and see no one is promoting your work.  You are going to be upset when your good “blog friend” doesn’t promote your product for months.

80% of your success will come from you taking on the mantle and task of a promotion machine.  100% of your success will be understanding that you are planting a seed with your product and it’s going to grow like one. We all want the Jack and the Bean Stalk seeds, but not everyone has one. Often that success story you’re  drooling over took 10 years to achieve.

This is why you need to always follow your passion and desire because money will not get you to the finish line.

Again, no one has a perfect product the first go round.  Your goal should not be for perfection because if it is, you will not get this product into the world.   Your goal is for “pretty damn good” and then you can tweak whatever issues arise.


Now that that’s done, it’s time to brainstorm a product.  You are armed with an idea of what your reader wants/needs/will buy.

First, check Amazon, Ejunkie and Clickbank to see if the product is already for sale. Then You’re going to check out the Google Keyword Planner.  Watch the Video to understand the process.


Your goal is to always sell the easy button.  If you can come up with a product that does the work for people while they do not have to change their life, it will sell.  Think of the popularity of diet pills and super foods.

“If you add a super food to your diet, you can grow hair like Katy Perry. ” Notice, they did not have to change their life.  These are the easiest product to sell.

Your product must always solve a problem and the more specific it is, the better.

You also need to get to the root of what is driving people to buy something because that is what you need to use on your sales page.

Root causes are what make people to search for a solution.  Most of the time what we do when we are seeking change is due to fear (i.e. fear of aging, gaining weight, health declining, fear of not having enough money, fear of failure, fear of not having enough food). In fact people are more apt to respond when you copy is talking about the negatives versus the positive.  This ins’t my cup of tea but just putting that out there.

People also buy because they want the easy button. There is too much damn information all over the place they want a simple plan.

Last, but not least, they want to improve on what they are doing. Taking classes, writing books, writing copy.

Make sure your product addresses all of these factors and now we are going to test, test, test.

I’m going to recommend that you start with a digital product and not spend more than $300 in the testing process.

Again, products I recommend you create:

1. eBooks

2. Video Course

3. Turn part of your site into a paid membership site with access for VIPs

4. Group Coaching

Do not jump into Apps or any software related products for your first go as they are a nightmare.


I basically want you to create a cover graphic, an outline of what’s inside and then a couple of recipes, posts, videos (no more than 5).  I recommend using Canva and Fiverr to get these things done.

Next you are going to create a simple sales page with a pre-order button. After this is complete, you are going to email your targeted list and offer them the product again, at a pre-order discount.

The thing with selling products is that you have to motivate the buyer in some way.  You will do these things by using scarcity (a limited time discount or bonus) or by structuring the product in a way that shows Value.

A example of this is a eBook that you would price at $24.   Informational products will sell easier at that cost compared to a cookbook.

In order to charge a $24 for an Cookbook you need to create 2 or 3 bonuses to get to that value. A bonus is as simple  as an extra video tutorial, a tip guide that shares holiday crafts, recipes, the grocery store dates that stuff is marked down, a one-on-one coaching session, etc.

When you display the pricing you want to show that value of the product.

Example: eBbook + 2 bonuses = $48 and their price is $24. Then when launching you want to discount it for the pre-sale

Example: Right now you get the book for 50% off during the pre-sale.

I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty of how to create each product but I will share some tips:

The first product is going to be rough. You need to think like Apple with it’s never ending iPhones (<– Did you realize this is what they’re doing?)

After we see the people are going to buy it, invest in a good editor for an ebook/membership course/video course and graphics.

As you make more money from the product make it, invest in a great editor and graphics. Don’t get caught up in letting perfect stop you because if you do, you will never get your product out there.

Don’t forget to check out freelancer websites like Elance, Odesk and the like to find quality workers at a more affordable rate.


Your Money is Made in the Margin

Never forget that your money is made in the margin.  After processing fees, affiliate payouts, taxes (30% y’all), that’s when you get paid so always make sure to bootstrap as much as you can until you can afford to pay someone to do the work for you.   I just started using Woocommerce to sell products and here’s a video on how to use it for digital downloads and physical products.  You can also accept credit cards on your website.


Woocommecce WordPress Plugin

Woo commerce Genesis Plugin

Now let’s learn how to create a sales page.