Module 2

The List



I hope and pray that you are using a mailing service for your list. The easiest one to use is MailChimp.

This is not the time to cheap out either.  You need to start mailing your list once a week and you need to start training people to buy, right off the bat.

This is my welcome letter :


Ok: how do you build a list?

Step One:

One, you need to create an highly targeted lead magnet. This is easy peasy now that you know what your list wants.

My list is made up of paleo comfort food junkies.  I simply took 10 of my very decadent chocolate recipes and put them in an word document then converted it to pdf.

A free report is also a great opt-in and takes no time.  Seriously, three tips with images of the products works. Here are some ideas:

1. 5 Mess free, kid-friendly crafts that moms love (Hint: You have all of this in your pantry)

2. The 3 kitchen tools that I can not live without (Hint: They’re all under $5)

3. Three weight loss foods  that celebrities use to melt away the pounds. (Hint: They’re all under $5)

Don’t spend weeks agonizing about what to make.  Seriously. Take what your list has told you is a problem and create from that.

I just discovered how amazing Canva is so I’m sharing a video on how to create an eBook in Canva for Free.

Free Royalty Free Photos:


Death to Stock Photo

Morgue File 

Photo Pin

Free Images

Free Digital Photos

Step Two:

Now, you want to set up an auto-responder that people get immediately when they sign up.   If you don’t want to spend the money on going paid (which I don’t recommend – it’s a worthwhile investment for a paid account), make sure to let subscribers know that you will send the link in their first newsletter.  You will have to make it a weekly chore to send and you won’t be able to “prime” everyone to know that you are going to market to them.

Step Three:

I know. Some people HATE pop ups.  Even the people who sign up via pop ups hate them. No joke, people who hate pop ups will sign up through them if the offer is right and they are your target audience.

You need a pop up. I just started using Sumo Me and it’s 100% free.

Other places you must have an email sign up:

1. On  your sidebar

2. In the footer of your post (see ad Injection video)

3. On your About Me page

I highly recommend giving your opt-in a dollar value so that people can see you are offering something of value.  This does two things, they realize that they you create products that they can buy and two, they give it a value. People do not value free things.   You just continue their cycle of expecting free shit from you.  This is not what you want.

Here is a video tutorial on how to set it up as well as a video on how to create a graphic using Canva.

Here is a video showing another way to increase opt-ins

Step 3.5

You want to create a custom page to try to get people who opt-in to also follow you via social and also set up your first trip wire.


Step 4

Now that you have your fans in one place, make sure that you are emailing once a week. No exceptions.  Your goal is to train them to expect your email every week so must always  treat it like you are writing a letter to a dear friend.

Don’t make it mechanical.  They signed up because they want to learn more about you so share about you (as much as you feel comfortable with).

I pretty much sell every letter.  That means I make sure to include one offer that I can make money from.  To keep my fans happy, I will often give them something exclusive for free every couple of weeks.

Here’s  an example of one of my weekly newsletters.  You can read it here.   I highly suggest you sign up for several of your favorite bloggers newsletter’s and see how they market to the list.



Step 5 

Now that you have your newsletter sign-ups implemented and your list growing, you need to make sure your list is healthy.

1. Always, always, always resend to your newsletter to those who have not opened your newsletter. We all miss emails, so I resend at least one more time. If it’s something I’m promoting that ends soon, I will resend for a total of 3 times.  Here is a tutorial on how to resend with Mail Chimp

2. Test to see what is the best day for open rates.  I’ve found when I send at 6:00 a.m. EST on Tuesdays that I get the most opens. Friday and the weekend is typically horrible for me, but you need to find when your list is more likely to open. You can test this by tracking the open rates of re-sends.

3. I would not just cull based on open rates. Most of the time the tracking is NOT accurate.  Once a year, I would move my list to a new list. This is a pain in the ass which is why I only do this once a year.

So, create a new list and then tell all your members that you are doing a Spring cleaning. Offer them some incentive to move  (i.e. a coupon for your ebook or a new free report to offer).  One, no one wants to pay for dead leads.  Two, you want to make sure that you can track the people on your list who LOVE you.  These are the folks who will move immediately. They are the folks more likely to help you grow your business by buying your products or services. I would rather have 1,000 people who buy everything I sell than 10,000 who ignore me and just want free stuff (I ain’t got no time for that!)


Links to Mail Service Tutorials:

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