Module 1

The Foundation

So you decided to start blogging as a hobby with a purpose behind it. You were going to help people and change lives and then along the way you figured out you can actually make money, like real money, like maybe even 10K+ a month money, but you have no idea how to do it.

First, I’m not going to bullshit you and tell you that you’re going to make that much after a year of putting the information from this course into place.  Some of you might, as there are always exceptions to the rule, but for most of us, even myself, it takes more time than 12 months.  Also, forget the overnight sensation garbage you see all over place. It’s fiction, just like the “I can teach you how to make a million dollars in a weekend flipping houses” infomercials.

The only thing I know is that success loves hard work. Plain and simple.  This course will give you every easy button I know so that you can reach your goals faster.


That’s right. As of this moment, you are NO LONGER A BLOGGER, you are a business owner.


  1. Bloggers create free stuff without a goal.
  2. Bloggers spend more time obsessing over other people’s numbers/successes than their own.
  3. Bloggers freak out over the wrong metrics (Facebook numbers, people who unsubscribe from their list, no book deal in 1 year, etc.)

You are now going to laser focus on the right stuff and start creating the business of your dreams.

To begin this course, I want to start with the two most important pieces of your blogging business – Mindset and Niche.  If you mess these two things up, you will flounder and jump on the hamster wheel of blogging: create free content – share it all over the place – bitch about people who want only free content from you.

Sound familiar?

Before you jump into this course, I want you first to come up with a 6 month goal.  Really think about this. Big or small, this will help set you on your path.