Module 3

The Big Guns

Before you start brainstorming your product, we need to do one more thing.  We need to create a “Tripwire.”

This is basically a low priced product that you  sell to your readers to make sure you are on point with knowing who your audience is and to learn who are the people who buy from you.

Again, I don’t want you to invest a lot of time and money into this. Don’t let perfect stop you from doing this (because it will)

First, you want to figure out what the total cost will be to make this tripwire.  Some costs to consider – future landing page, copy, book design and cost to create recipes (if doing new recipes), etc.   The goal is to make enough money from pre-sales to cover the cost of the product.  If you don’t see enough interest, bag it.  Try something else a few weeks later to see if it sticks.

Some suggestions:

1. A short eBbook with no more than 15 recipes, crafts, etc. You want to keep this to 30 pages max.

2. One or Two videos teaching something

3. A hour-long mp3 recording

You want to price this between $4 and $8.

One you have it created, I want you to either create a blog post or sales page  (Use SEO to help you in the search engine) for the product and pitch it to your list/social media, etc.

You can build excitement by doing a small launch and offering it for less than $3 during the week during the pre-launch.  You can use Try Celery to presale it and people will not charged.

If no one buys it, again, bag the idea.  Try something else a few weeks later.

I’m going recommend you sell this book through a platform that allows you to capture these leads . This can be as simple of asking people to sign up for more free content on the Thank You message/page of the download.

You need to make that you save these names to a special list because these folks are your buyers.  If they buy from you once, they will again if the offer is right.  When you test your “real” product, you’re going to test it on them.

Tutorials for how to capture these leads :

Ejunkie Mailing list integration with Aweber, Mailchimp and Getresponse

MailChimp using Paypal

Always make sure you ask these people to opt-in versus automatically adding them to your list.