Looking for help? Check out my list of vetted professionals:


Website Coding/Technical Help


Sarah @ One Starry Night :



Marjorie –

Jacqueline – Nitty Gritty English (also does ghostwriting) –



Jon – The Copy Whisperer 

Dayne – Dayne 1234

Mike Shreeve 

Erica Lee

Graphic Design

Stasia Blanco – Puro Blanco  – Does Ebook design

Tayyaba I. – Does pdfs, ebooks, etc.

Video Commercials

ExcelGun – Did my video for 20 Dishes and Bite Size Paleo Course.



Reani – She did my current logo

Vector God – $5 – Did my Listen Up Paleo Logo.

48 Hour Logo –  Logo contest site. 20 Dishes logo came from this site as well as my old logo for AGWS.