Pre-Order 30 Minute Paleo Eats Example

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I bought the book, how do I get on the Pre-order Mailing List?

When you pre-order the book, you will be send a PDF from Sellfy that has a link to the special mailing list. I also have access to email addresses of people who purchase the ebook and will email the finished book to this address on March 21, 2016.

Is this book a printed book?

No this book is not a traditional printed book.  This cookbook is a digital book which means when you purchase your copy you will be given to a link to download the book once it releases.

What kind of recipes will I find in this book?

This book focuses on clean eating meals that will work for lunch and dinner.  

Which gluten-free flours does the book contain?

I only use the following gluten-free flours: almond flour and coconut flour.

Which sweeteners do you use?

I use the following sweeteners in my recipes: raw honey and maple syrup.

 Are there egg-free recipes?

Most of the recipes are egg-free and any baked goods will also include instructions on how to make it using a gelatin egg. 

I have a kindle/iPad, will I be able to view the ebook on my kindle?

The ebook is delivered in a PDF file.  To view the ebook on your kindle/iPad follow these directions: download the ebook to your regular computer.  Then you can transfer the file to your devices.  For Kindle, you can use the “Send to Kindle” app.   This app works on PC or Mac.  The app can send downloaded files to your Kindle app on your Apple device (ie. iPad or iPhone), Android device, or Kindle.  Also the app “iBooks” can be used to download PDF files to your iPad.  For other e-book readers, you’ll have to do it however you normally do for that device. Usually this involves downloading them onto your computer first, then transferring the files via USB or WiFi to your device after they have been downloaded.