Module 7

Networking Etiquette

Don’t be the person who joins a group and goes: “Hey, I just made this [Fill In the Blank] and would love to have you share it/become an affiliate for it.”

We are all busy and as I get busier, I just don’t have the time to help people who I don’t have a relationship with.

This is true for everyone.

Now let’s talk about the idea of “competition”.

Have you also noticed that when ever you feel the urge to compete, you also kinda feel overwhelmingly like you are not enough? You also get so hyper-focused on beating someone “at their game” that you overlook some of those feelings and road signs that signal that you want something different.

I contribute my openness to helping others and being a team player a huge element of my success.

“It takes village” does not just apply to Democratic campaign slogans.  It takes a team to make anything a success.

Remember the most important question you can ask in life and business is “How can I help you?”




Ideas for how to authentically connect:

1. Create a tribe of people in the same niche as you and allow people to share each other’s content.   For example you can create a thread where everyone who participates reshares Pins, Facebook posts and Instagram posts.

2.  Promote their products! This is  a serious win-win. You both make money and can build a relationship.

3. Refer people to campaigns that you are working on if the brand needs more than one blogger or you are just too busy to do it.

4. Reach out to a small group of people who you have connected with a create a mastermind where you can share what you are struggling with in your business and get advice.

It takes TEAM WORK to make this business a SUCCESS.