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Is Network Marketing a Scam?



You have to be living under a rock to not have heard of Network Marketing a.k.a MLM (Multilevel Marketing) a.ka. Direct Sales.

Most people’s first reaction is “Oh, that so sleezy,” “Ugg, I am going to have to push this stuff on my family and friends and they will hate me for it” or “Isn’t Network Marketing a Scam?”

First, let’s talk about a Pyramid Scheme.  A pyrmid scheme is similar to a chain letter where you are asked to invest money and somehow through some miracle law of the universe to you will be sent so many times that amount down the road.  There is usually no product and it’s strictly a money game. These are illegal. ONLY one perosn wins and it’s not going to be you, unless you own it (which again is illegal).

Network Marketing is a real, legimate, govenment regulated business.

The bad taste you get in your mouth when you hear MLM is because of her naughty half cousin on her father’s side – the Pyramid Scheme.

Network marketing is about creating a business that gives you the freedom you desire  and solves a pain point.  Again, you are not abusing your family and friends by sharing products that you believe in that will HELP them.

Networking marketing is a career that can help you build wealth.  It’s not a get rich overnight scheme.  Of course, some people who start promoting them with the right platform can see explosive growth in a short time.

I remember when EOs hit the real food community. Some of the women who decided to make them a business are now making upwards of $50K a month.

In  nut shell, Network Marketing is a business in a box.  The system, the marketing, the training tools have been created by the corporate team and you take it and share it with the world.  This doesn’t mean going door to door or pasting flyers on cars in mall parking lots (although you could totally do this).   With technology the sky is the limit.  You can do this anywhere and in your pajamas if you choose to.

As your own boss (because you truly are your own boss in this business), you have the ability to grow a team and help them create weath.

MLM’s I recommend and Support:

Young Living

Beautycounter   I happen to promote and love Beautycounter products and love that they are direct retail company (not an MLM). They do not require that you spend a minimum amount on products every month. If you’re interested in sharing non-toxic skincare and earning and income – contact me.