Module 1



Growing up I heard the phrase “Money doesn’t Grow on Trees” probably once a week. I also learned that rich people were bad and/or evil (even though, dude, they had the nicest stuff ever).

No shock, I didn’t want anything to do with money. I thought rich people were assholes only concerned about themselves and that they drank the blood of the poor.

Think about it. You watch some show where the person is loaded and spending $5,000 on a purse and shoes.  They go on vacations and stay in the best hotels and have the easiest life you have ever seen.

You, however, can only cover your minimum – rent, your cell phone bill, and maybe a spa day once every three months.

What are you thinking about them? That they’re a jerk  and they should get a job like everyone else? That they were born rich and have never worked a day in the life?

Also, did you notice anything going on with your body?  Did you tense up? Did your chest ache?  Did you clench your fists?

More importantly, why are you so angry instead of inquisitive?

Would it make you feel better if you knew they grew up dirt poor and invented the technology everything is based upon?

Why does it matter? Why is money evil in one person’s hands and good in another? Does money really have a voice?

Now on to you . .

How would you feel if you found out that some of your expensive products ($500+) had been bought by a homeless person? How do you feel about yourself now?

Money blocks will prevent you from success,  plain and simple. You’ll subconsciously sabotage your projects and you will also create a wealth ceiling.

Examples of money blocks:

  • Thinking “I’m charging too much money. No one will be able to afford it.”
  • I can’t create this {program/book/etc.} because I have no money.
  • Laughing at other people when then state how much money they want to make per month.
  • Thinking what you have created isn’t good enough and you should charge less.

Do you have to be filthy (ha! Ironic that filthy is the adjective that I choose to use at the moment) rich? No.

To create a profitable business, you must be in touch with the side of you that sees money as something that is abundant and everywhere (which it is). You have to get face to face with how you feel about money and become friends, not enemies.

Answer this question: “More money equals  …. ”   (we will talk about this in the call for the week)

Remember, money is a TOOL. Nothing more. You can use it to help people, build your dream house, or just stuff it in your mattress.

Now on to . . .

Perhaps you’ve been hustling away on your blog and getting no traction. You figure that your shit must stink because you’re not getting the same traffic as {fill in the blank}.

While there might be some things that you need to tweak and analyze or improve upon, the simple fact is that not everyone is going to love you.

How many websites have you gone to where you just didn’t connect with the creator? A lot, I bet. Do you go back to them and think of them kindly, but you are just not their fan-girl? You didn’t think anything about it then,  and this is the same attitude that 80% of your readers are going to have with you.

You can not change the world if you don’t accept that part of the coin.  

It is the fee in the grand scheme of greatness.  You were called to do this.  No one blogs strictly for money unless they are straight up spammers.

There is something inside of you that wants to change the world and you cannot do it unless you put your self out there.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Be brave, even when you are shaking in your boots.

The lives that you change will be the reward.

Remember, people will either love you or hate you but always remember to chose and focus on the love.

Also, I  have learned that there are always options to work past these fears – blocks that prevent you from doing a  project which almost always are tied to fear of failure and rejection.

I hate to travel.  So instead, I do webinars where I can connect with my audience.

Get as creative as a 3-year-old who wants the ice cream in the fridge.

Check out the homework to see what we will be talking about this week.