Module 5

Make it Sizzle


Branding is what separates you from every other blogger.

Whatever your overall aesthetic is for your website, it must carry through in all aspects of your social media and your business card to name a few.

Tips for Branding:

  1.  You are the only unique thing out there so put your face first.  People connect to faces which is why cars look the way they do (did you think it was an accident?). Put your beautiful face front and center!
  2. Name/URL/Tagline – It’s important to have a name that people remember and a URL that isn’t a puzzle.
  3. Color Palate/Fonts/Theme – Do have a favorite magazine? What do you love it about? What colors, graphic, and fonts are they using?   For your color palate you want to stick to two to three main accent colors.  Please make sure your font is legible.  I love the cursive font I selected as my main font on this site, but it’s hard to read so I use it sparingly.
  4. Voice – Make sure that the style of writing on your site is consistent and if you are going to use swear words.  Your intended audience will determine this.
  5. Set a publishing schedule.  It’s tough to set a publishing schedule, but you need to be as consistent as possible so your readers know what to expect from you.
  6. Make sure your branding is the same on all your social media channels.

About page:

Your about page is the most important page on your site.  It’s the page people head to when they read your work and think “Wow, I think I might really like this chick”.

  1. You need a big photo of your beautiful self, front and center.
  2. You need tell people why you can help them more than anyone else and speak in their language.
  3. You need to share your story (open up as much as you can) and why your website changed your life.
  4. You need an email opt-in!!! Don’t forget this.

Press Page

  1. People need to see proof that you know what you’re doing and that you’re a professional, so share all the links to where your site has been mention in the media
    •  Inside tip: If you don’t have enough media mentions then buy a press release.  Yes, seriously, get a press release and then mention the sites that it was featured on.


Logos: 48 Hour Logo and Fiverr

Designers: Dribbble 

Press Releases: Odesk, Elance, Ereleases