Module 3



First, don’t be afraid of the word launching.  In essence, it’s just like your favorite shoe store having a sale and promoting it.

That’s it.

The word is rather scary but it’s just a fancy way of saying “Hey, y’all come buy my stuff because my taxes are cray cray.” (Please start thinking of taxes as your income grows, ugg.)

Launching is selling your product(s) for a specific price (on sale or open for sale) for a small time frame.

Anyhow, you will need 3 things in place when you  do your big launch or Mini launch (i.e. a sale)

1. A solid sales page.  If you’re going to spend any money, hire someone to write your copy for this.  It’s crazy hard to step back from your product and write about the benefits versus features.  Check out my recommendations in the resources page.

2. A funnel and giveaways/incentives to drive people to that funnel.

3. Paid Facebook marketing or free marketing via your friends

One, I highly recommend that your product is 90%  done before doing the big launch.  You will need time to market it properly (80% of the success will be from marketing)

We’ve already covered the sales page so let’s talk about the funnel.

I know that for most of you this is a module that you will come back to weeks from now, but it’s important to cover it now.


bejelly launch plan (1)

This is the funnel that I’ve used successfully.

Step 1: 

Your goal is to get them to opt-in to your list again because 1) you need to narrow down to the buyers that are interested and 2) you need to build excitement and desire before your shopping cart is open.


How to drive people to this opt-page and/or sale page:  One, offer them a coupon for an extra 10% off the launch price (or standard price if this is a sale), offer them a free ebook, offer them an extra entry for a giveaway (if you are promoting with a giveaway).


Step 2: You will need to create an auto-responder series that helps remove any barriers to the purchase (i.e does this really work, is this easy to use, can I trust this person.)  To keep people engaged in the series, you need to end your emails with a cliffhanger.  Think about a soap opera where something crazy happens and then they end the damn episode.  You need to do that.


For a weight loss product:

In my next email  I’ll share how this simple 5 minute exercise, melts away belly fat (you probably are doing already but just need this simple tweak to make it work).

For a budgeting book:

In my next email I’ll share how I get Starbucks drinks  for 60% off!

You can shorten the series so people get an email every 3 days or stretch it out so it’s every 7 days.

Regardless of what you decide is your timeline, you need to address the pain point in every single email.   You need to wear down resistance and this is how you do it, you constantly point out why your product will work for your buyer.

Example Email Funnel for a Weight Loss Product for Brides (PLEASE DO NOT FOLLOW THE ADVICE AS I MADE THIS SHIT UP)

Email one – Tell your story and how it relates to your product:

Hey Friend!

I was always a chubby kid and not surprisingly, I grew up to be a chubby adult.  I’ve struggled with losing weight my entire life.

You name it. I’ve tried it. The cabbage diet,  Weight Watchers,  The  Zone, seriously the list goes on an on.

It was when my darling boyfriend, who I call “The One” asked me to be his wife that I got a fire in my belly.

I refused to walk down that isle feeling frumpy and overweight.  I knew I had to starting dieting (I HATE that word)  but  I wanted one that was quick and wouldn’t leave me constantly hungry like the diets I had tried before.

That’s when I discovered the pot of gold when talking to my Grandma Amy.  She shared some secrets that made a huge change in my life. It was a  diet and supplement system that was no only all natural and safe but WORKED! My first week I lost 5lbs and then weight just melted off.

I lost 45lbs and my family and friends were amazed by my transformation.

Here’s the thing also – I was’t hungry while on my diet.

I wasn’t eating weird foods or dealing with any jittery crashes from the supplements.

My friends asked me what I was doing and it wasn’t until I started sharing what I was doing that I realized that no one else was sharing this information.

On the day of my wedding, I walked down the aisle fitter and healthier than I had ever been in my entire life.

Ready to try this now? Get it here.

xo Susie

p.s. Next week I’m going to share the most important supplement you need to be taking to speed up weight loss.


Email two – Share some insider sneak peak and that offers value


Hey Friend!

When I’m upset, I call my Grandma.  She is my rock and when I told her about my engagement and  how, well, let’s face it, I said how I didn’t want to be a fat bride she told me to start taking  L-Phenylalanine.

My first thought was, ok, how do you spell that?

Now my Grandma isn’t some white haired lady who lives in Pine Oaks. She’s a medical doctor and acupuncturist with 30 years under her belt.  She does yoga and just ran a half marathon last year.

So I tried it and I immediately noticed that I when I was full, I stopped eating. I didn’t realize this until my soon to be husband started to eat the leftovers off my plate.

What? Yes.

Me. The snacking, over-eater queen had leftovers on her plate.

Go to the store and grab some of this today so you will not feel restricted and stop eating when you are full.

Now this is just one of the natural supplements that are part of the Wedding Diet. When you combine these with a balanced healthy diet (with some special fat burning desserts) the weight will melt off!

Grab your copy of the Wedding Diet Today.



p.s.  I can’t wait to share some amazing before after photos from people who have tried the diet

Email Three –  Testimonials! I’m only showing one but show at least two.

Photos are killer for testimonials so always ask for them if you can get them from past clients. 

Are you ready to wowed [FNAME}?

This is my friend Jaime.  She got engaged a month after I did.  She was the first person I shared the Wedding Diet with and as you can see, she lost 6 dresses sizes in 90 days.


“Susie I could kiss you. Tears are coming down my face as I write this.  I am so thankful that you shared the Wedding Diet with me. I had no idea how easy it would be to loose the weight. So many times weight loss is “punishment” but your diet is pure joy.

I’m a size 6 for the first time in my life and it was so easy getting here!”

There are even more testimonials here (Link to your sales page with testimonials)

Are you ready for this transformation?

Get the Wedding Diet here.

xo Susie




Email Four – Last Email

Hey Friend!

You’ve seen how this diet works and if you’re ready to hit your weight loss goals before your wedding you can not afford to miss out on this diet.

I am so confident that you WILL LOSE WEIGHT on this diet that I have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Your dream wedding dress is waiting for you.

Get it here.

xo Susie


I’m going to suggest you hire someone to write your copy.  When you pre-sale the product, make sure again, that the presales cover the cost of copy for the sales page and emails.


Step 3: Expect shit to happen.  Your website is going to go down, you put the wrong link in your email, your shopping cart freaks out . . . You get the idea.  Don’t expect perfect but it just doesn’t happen unless you hire someone worth a mint and even then, you have no idea what’s going to happen.