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Is the Blogging Blueprint a scam?

blogging blueprint a scam


Yesterday one of the people who landing on my site  via the all knowing Google searched for “Is the Blogging Blueprint a Scam?”

I created the Blogging Blueprint because I wanted to empower women bloggers to take their buisness by the reins and finally fall in love with making a profit as much as they loved helping people.

I want women to succeed, plain and simple.

However, truely, It’s only the words of my students that can answer this question for you so here are a few testimonals.

“Have you ever felt like you have absolutely no idea what you are doing when it comes to blogging?

Yeah, I know that feeling. That’s basically me for the first 2 years of running The Curious Coconut. I was putting in a part-time job’s worth of time into my site during that time only to see pitiful and unreliable monetary returns from all that time and effort.

It was an expensive hobby.

I knew I wanted to run it like a business, but I had no clue how to do that.

Fast-forward to today and I finally see an income from my site that matches my input (sometimes exceeds it!) I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Kelly Bejelly for helping me make that happen. I think it was about a year ago she started doing these group mastermind calls (for free I might add) for her paleo blogger friends. I couldn’t believe the things she was sharing with me at the time – they were super helpful and planted the seed in me to start treating my blog as a business and not just a (time sink) hobby.

When she announced that she was taking her knowledge and know-how and creating a course just for bloggers, I was beyond excited about taking it. It’s called Blogging Blueprint – what a perfect name! It really does act like a set of blueprints to show you exactly what you need to do to start running your blog like a business. And I am talking step by step, hold your hand along the way information. Plus, you get to ask Kelly any and all of your questions along with your fellow “classmates” in the private FB group and during the weekly hour-long video conference.

I seriously looked forward to those calls each week! Even if I didn’t have specific questions, I always learned SO MUCH and left the calls feeling invigorated, inspired, and motivated both by Kelly and the lovely bloggers who took the course with me.

I could not have asked for more from a blogging mentor – Kelly is such a sweetheart and honestly, genuinely cares about everyone who takes her course. You can tell that she thrives on helping people and seeing them succeed, and she goes all in with the course to make you feel supported and like a rock star who can accomplish their goals. She also has a great no-nonsense approach, very real and down to earth.. She makes you feel like an equal, truly. You don’t have to ever worry about asking a “stupid question” either – you’ll never feel bad for asking any questions about blogging.

Thanks to taking the course, I am already seeing increased income from ads and the products for which I am an affiliate and, most importantly, from my list. I’ve also almost tripled the rate of growth for my newsletter list thanks to implementing the strategies I learned from the course. And I have only barely scratched the surface in implementing what I learned! I have so much more potential and I’m excited to see it come to fruition over the rest of 2015. Participants get lifetime access to the course material, so I can go back and tackle certain topics when the time is right.

Most importantly I now feel like I have a real plan and vision for the future of my blog – something I did not have before. I know what I was doing wrong and have corrected some bad habits and have a real blueprint – ha! – for how to proceed from here to grow my brand and help more people, which is why I started my site in the first place.

I can’t recommend Blogging Blueprint enough to any blogger who wants to finally turn their blog into a real business and have a blast learning these powerful strategies along the way!”   – Amanda, The Curious Coconut 

“I loved it! Like drinking from a fire hose! Kelly, I’m so grateful for you and your teaching…I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about blogging for the last 2 years. I have learned more in the last FOUR WEEKS with your coaching than the 100’s of books I have on my Kindle about blogging and building sites!! I know this takes a lot of time out of your day but you are transforming women and their businesses!” – Tammy – Coupon Grandma

“This has been a life changing experience for me. Truly mind expanding, and the best and most useful class I’ve taken!!  I can’t thank you enough Kelly Bejelly and I am already seeing fantastic results from what I’ve learned. Worth every penny and more!” – Stacey – Beauty and The Foodie 

Is my program a scam?

Absolutely Not.

I started this business a broke, stay at home mom and now I have 3 amazing businesses that make me money every single day.

When you take this course, you learn the exact steps and systems I used to do this.

No bullshit.

No scam.

Only truth and the blogging blueprint you have been searching for.

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