how to make money blogging

How to make a PROFIT from your Blog

Doing what I do, I speak to a lot of bloggers.

Most of them are not making money and after looking at their sites and talking to them, I could immediately see why.

First I want you to imagine along with me.

Picture walking down a beautiful street lined with fun stores.  You feel the sun on your skin and are just content to soak in the sunshine.

Now across the street  you spot a fun shop that you saw on Facebook with the the most glorious shoes perched in the window.  You cross the street and your pulse starts to pick up because you have been looking for a pair just like this and you know exactly what outfit you are going to wear the minute you buy them.

You go inside and are greeted.

You immediately pick up the shoes. They are perfect!

You walk to the back of the store and there is no cash register.  The woman who greeted you then tells you that nothing is for sale but she hands you a pamplet filled with coupons for the other stores.

You give her a crazy look and say, “I have to have these shoes!”

Then she looks at you and says that everything is free.  She takes the shoes, wraps them up and then hands you a bag.

You wonder if you’re being punked but no, she has already turned to greet another person.


Ok, after reading this I want to point out that the shop keeper is a hobby blogger.   She built a store, did the marketing, has the inventory and then she didn’t think her work was good enough to charge for it.

Again, I want to reiterate that your blog is a platform for you business. It is NOT the business.  

Yes, there are websites killing it with ad revenue (and I’m talking 30K a month) but anytime you put your business in the hands of something you can’t control, it’s not fun if they decide to change the rules.

You absolutely, positively MUST do one of the following to make a profit from your blog

Make Products!!!

  1. Ebooks
  2. Print Books
  3. Membership Sites
  4. Courses

Other avenues include paid speaking, classes, promoting your Direct Selling Products (essential oils, 20 Dishes, etc), coaching. nutrional training, etc.

Seriously the blogger success stories that you see that are making 7 figures a year do so with the products they have created.

The blog is the MARKETING. 

I’m going to tell you from experience that often the first product does not hit the ball out of the park.  You are going to have failures – plain and simple.  However you will learn from your mistakes and create something better.  If you are seriously about this business, you will find success.

If you want to learn how to make product, go ahead and take my free course here.