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Flywheel Hosting Review

I’ve been blogging professionally for 6 years and during this time, I’ve gone through a ton of different hosts.

InMotion, WebSynthesis, A Small Orange, Servint, and whole lot more that I forced myself to forget about because the experience was a straight up nightmare.

I just left WebSynthesis because they never seemed to be able to accept fault for what was going on with my site. It was always, you aren’t using the right plugins, or something is wrong with your theme.   When they told me that, I went looking for another Genesis Theme and when I went to install it, it completely crashed my site.

When I heard that Google was rolling out the requirement that all websites move to HTTPS, I started looking for a new host.   I had heard great things about Flywheel and even created a free account a year ago.

I started poking around to see what they offered and when I saw you get a Free SSL with every site (I have 5 currently), free migration and staging so I could test out themes on my site before I made them live, I said “Why not” and started the free migration for all of my sites.  I did have to change my DNS but I’m somewhat of a tech so this was easy for me.

Moving was the BEST thing I have done.  My site is a million times faster and you know that theme that crashed? It’s now on my site and working perfectly.

The first thing I did when I moved was set up the SSL which was crazy easy and took 4 steps. PLEASE NOTE:  Some recipe plugins will not work with SSL so I finally kicked Easy Recipe to the Curb and went with WP Recipe Maker.

  1. Login and navigate to your site.
  2.  Go to the Add-Ons tab.  Click the Gear Icon and it will show a drop drown menu. Select Enable SSL 

3. Go to the advanced tab and Switch on the button “Force HTTPS”

4. Install the plugin SSL Insecure Content Fixer and change the settings to the following:

Fix insecure content: Capture
HTTPS detection: HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO (e.g. load balancer, reverse proxy, NginX)


I even moved 20 Dishes to Flywheel and we are paying $80 less a month and the site is running faster and smoother. I can’t recommend Flywheel enough!