Day 6

What should you charge?

Most people undercharge when it comes to their work. I understand the market might seem saturated but if you have done your work, then you should be able to charge at least $10 for your finished product.

General pricing recommendations:

eBook – Anywhere from $9.99 to $100

Recurring Membership: This is all over the map.  For recipes (which food bloggers give away for free), crafts, coupons – $9.99 to $14.99 per year works out well.

For recurring content that helps people with a health issue/learn something $25 – $40/month is good.

For one time courses  $50 – $500


This boot camp focuses on pre-selling your product to vett your idea so your pricing strategy needs to  consider this.

For my recipe membership site, I started with 8 recipes.  It’s priced at $9.99/year and I specifically say – Hey – there are no recipes in here which is why it’s so cheap.  It will go up to $14.99/year  next year.

When preselling anything, you have to offer at least a 50% off savings off the cost.  When I pre-sold my ebook, it was on sale for $9.99.  I was upfont that the book would be released  in 5 months. When finished it was to sell at $23.99.  In one month I had pre-sold 80 copies.

Pre-selling will do two things 1) Put a fire under your butt to get the project done 2) Make sure that your idea is on track and 3) Fund the project