Day 5

There are 2 main digital products that I am going to cover – eBooks and Membership sites.  A membership site can be used for courses, coaching, downloadable mp3s, etc.


pros:  Once you have completed the book you don’t have to create additional content for it.

cons: Can be costly to produce if you don’t bootstrap it and very easy for people to share your content with others without pay.

Services needed


Photography: (you are the photographer/purchase stock images or use free sites)

Tools needed:  

Bootstrap version


Canva – Limited to 30 pages so you must combine pdfs and you can’t hyperlink pages in Canva

Combine Pdfs

Hyperlink Pdf Pages 

Professional  Version

eBook designer ($400+) –

Some recommendations: 

Stasia Blanco – Puro Blanco  – Does Ebook design

Tayyaba I. – Does pdfs, ebooks, etc.

Blend Creations

Membership Sites

pros:  1) Content has more protection and is less likely to be shared.  2) If someone cancels their recurring membership they no longer have access to the content. 3) You have the ability to create a recurring subscription 4) If you use a membership plugin you keep more of your profits versus going with Udemy or Kajabi for courses.

Cons: You have to consistently add more content if you have a recurring membership model.  If you are only selling courses, you don’t need to worry about this.



Tech  (unless you can do this yourself)


Tools needed:

A membership plugin – I love Memberpress