Day 4

Ok, the results have started to trickle in.

The more results the better but if you get less than a dozen it’s something to work with.

What are the most common issues that your audience is dealing with?

Let’s pretend that almost all of your audience has an issue with losing socks.

Before you jump in and start creating a solution for lost socks (which will make millions)…

You need to do more market research.
First, check Amazon, Ejunkie and Clickbank to see if the product is already for sale. Then You’re going to check out the Google Keyword Planner.  Watch the Video to understand the process.


Your goal is to always sell the “easy button”.  If you can come up with a product that does the work for people while they do not have to change their life, it will sell.  Think of the popularity of diet pills and super foods.

“If you add a super food to your diet, you can grow hair like Katy Perry. ” Notice, they did not have to change their life to achieve the desired results.  These are the easiest products to sell.

Your product must always solve a problem and the more specific it is, the better.

You also need to get to the root of what is driving people to buy something because that is what you need to use on your sales page.

Root causes are what make people to search for a solution.  Most of the time what we do when we are seeking change is due to fear (i.e. fear of aging, gaining weight, health declining, fear of not having enough money, fear of failure, fear of not having enough food). In fact people are more likely to respond when your sales copy is talking about the negatives versus the positives.  This isn’t my cup of tea but just putting that out there.

People also buy because they want the “easy button”. There is too much information all over the place they want a simple plan.

Make sure your product addresses all of these factors. Now, we are going to go over the pros and cons of each type of digital product.