Day 16

Now you are going to create your marketing pieces for your launch.

You need:

  1. Social media banners for Facebook and IG.  IMHO, you need to really use your content teasers for these i.e. a photos of your craft, recipe, coupons, etc. Watch the video to see the best way to do this:



  1. Banners for your sidebar/in-post ads.  I love to use SumoMe to do a pop up. Watch the video:

Sumo Me HTML

  1. I’ve found that creating blog posts like this to be very powerful at getting sales for ebooks, membership sites, etc.  You can build backlinks to them and they act as marketing for your products. I want you to create blog posts like this to help push your product out there during launch week.  People need to see that you are seriously working on something and then they will relax their guard and buy.