Day 13

If you Google ” perfect sales page” you are going to get a truck load of articles about this, because the sales page is where the magic happens.

First, no one has the perfect sales page to start. And, well, if you do, you are crazy lucky or you hired an expert to do it for you. Watch the video to see what a great sales page looks like.


Again, we are pre-selling your product so your intial sales page does not need to be as polished as it should look when your product is finished.

Here are a few examples of pre-selling sales pages:

30 Minute Paleo Eats (this was my pre-sale launch page)

30 Minute Paleo Eats Paid Copy (I took the income from the first sales and paid for copy to help with pre-sells and it was worth every penny.   I use Dayne from Fiverr for all of my copy.


Here is the elancer who created Sylvie’s sales page – The Copy Whisperer

Here is a Sales Page Checklist :

Bonus Sales Page Tip

During any special launches I highly recommend using a countdown timer to create scarcity.  This video shows the Powr Countdown Plugin. 

I would only use a plugin if my product was  launching within 2 weeks.  If you have a book that is 3 months out do not use this plugin until you are 2 weeks until completion.

Personally, I finding keeping the shopping cart open for only 1 week with a count down timer works the best.