Day 11

Today and tomorrow you  are going to work on the copy for your page/post:

Copy is what makes the difference between making a sale and eating Top Ramen for the week.

I didn’t get this.

I mean, I majored in poetry and I like pretty things.  I  should just be able to talk about the wonder and beauty of a product and people should just fall in love and buy it, but that’s not how it works.

People buy what solves a problem, plain and simple.

Now you can always hire someone to write your copy for your sales page for your product, but it’s important that you learn the basics of it.

1. You need to speak in the language of the buyer, so break out your customer avatar.

You know that your reader loves chocolate, has two kids, and is a stay at home mom. You know that she is worried about skin since she had problems growing up and is not sure what to do. In you copy, you need to mention all of these things.


Product: I’m selling a digital course that teaches women how to get clear skin with homemade beauty products.


So you reached for a chocolate bar after your son dumped all the flour in the bath tub for the fifth time this week.

Your skin is going to suffer and you can already feel several zits coming out and you just can’t deal with another breakout.

I’ve been there , over and over again, and it wasn’t until I started looking at everything I could find about how to achieve naturally clear skin, without spending hundreds of dollars,  mind you, that I found my answer and in the most unlikely of places.

It was so simple and so cheap to make that I didn’t believe it.  I tested it on everyone I could get my hands on and after using it for a month my skin looks like it did before puberty. Seriously, and the best part is you can still enjoy chocolate.

Buy it here.

What did I do here?

1. I shared that I found a cheap easy solution for skin problems that worked on a bunch of people  included myself who has suffered from breakouts.

2. I spoke in her language and about her life.  Use the phrases and words that your readers used in their survey.  If they said “I wish my acne would clear up.” in your copy say “I remembered when I had the worst acne. I wished my acne would clear up.”

3. I said the magic word “Buy Now“.  Seriously, always say this word in some variation.  I’ve seen “Get your copy”,  “Yes! I want clear skin” “I’m ready for change”  etc.

4. I also used mystery {I found my answer and in the most unlikely of places}.  If you can use this, it’s a pretty powerful trigger.


If this is my target reader and I have created a product that solves her problem, she’s going to buy it.

Depending on the cost of the product you’re going to have to offer more proof that this works. If the product is less than $20 the sales page can be simple.  Before/After photos work really well.

For an expensive product, you’re going to have to have much more copy to overcome resistance to your product (is this this correct decision? will this really work?  etc).  Hosting webinars where you can can share your expertise and one-on-one phone calls are highly recommended.  I assure you that most people will not spend $2,000 on a product just because they like you.  You need to pass the “sniff” test and you can only do this one-on-one or through video footage.


2.  Sell benefits not the product description.

Correct: Your skin will look 5 years younger after using these simple homemade beauty products.

Wrong: There are 5 tutorials that show you how to make your own beauty products.

Different “niche” but another solid example. – Ambulance service

Correct:  We get you to the hospital lightning fast when you need us.

Wrong: Our Ambulances are fitted with the best wheels  and top of the line equipment.

Again, sell the benefits that person is buying not the product description. 


3. Tell a story. People love stories. We are trained to pay attention to stories and they tap into our emotions.

You will need to practice this.  If you are seriously about copy, you should find a person’s work you like and hand write it out once day. No joke.

Extra Resources that I’ve used:

The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Copy That Sells

John Carlton’s Website

Autoresponder Madness

Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation (Not a book about copy-writing but psychology)