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Blogger Success Story: Lindsay from Pinch of Yum


Lindsay kicks off my new series about successful bloggers and what their journey was like from day zero to the present.

The first time I heard about a Pinch of Yum, it wasn’t because of her delicious recipes, it was because of Lindsay’s book ” Tasty Food Photography” and her income reports.

In May, Pinch of Yum brought in just shy of $25,000.

Yes, in a month.

That is a lot of Ching Ching before taxes (oh man, don’t get me started on taxes).

They started sharing reports in 2011 and at the time they were making $30 a month.    Most of their income is made from ads, brand work, speaking gigs, affiliate products, and their own products.  I want to point out that you  have a lot of coconuts in your basket to make income blogging.

You can see the possibilites when you combine traffic with talent and hard work.

Now on to our Q&A:

1.       When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging in April of 2010. Pinch of Yum was just meant to be a hobby blog where I could talk about the food I was making.

2.       When did you realize your blog was a business?

We started playing around with ads about a year into blogging, but I don’t think I really started seeing it as a business until we started making more from the blog than I was making from my day job as a teacher. That was about 3 years after I started.

3.       What is the biggest mistake that you have made on your blogging journey?

I think one huge mistake we’ve made is not growing our email list from the beginning. We’ve had a lot of people come to Pinch of Yum over the years, but our email list is relatively small.

4.       What was your biggest success? Did it surprise you?

Tasty Food Photography was an ebook I wrote to share practical photography tips, and it’s been a huge part of why we’ve been able to make Pinch of Yum into a business. I never expected it to sell as much as it has.

5.       Finish this sentence: “Success is”

Success is always something different. For me, in the beginning, it was getting accepted to FoodGawker or getting a new comment on my blog. Then it became earning money from ads and selling products. Now it has sort of circled back to the most basic level – I think of success now as really truly understanding what a gift it is to do this work every day. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and caught up in the numbers and the competitive nature of food blogging and the Internet in general. But when I am doing the work I love, and working really hard, and growing, and feeling good about it without letting those external factors take anything away from me, that’s success!


6.  What did you make last year?  See her income reports here.