Module 1



Ok, so what is your niche? Clean eater/Crossfitters? Crafters? Furries?

Who are the people who visit your site every day?

What do they want ? Can you tell me three things about them without having to search?

It’s time to get up close and personal with your stats and your reader.

Before we begin, have you heard of the 80/20 rule? Basically 80% of your efforts are the result of 20% of your work.  So, we’re going to focus only on the 20% of your audience that LOVES YOU.  I know, it’s kinda sad that the 80% of the people who visit your site only are there for whatever they can get for free, but who cares?

You will cultivate a brand and audience that will love your work and reciprocate by buying your products. Think of them.

Ok, first things first, go to to Quantcast and verify your site.  Watch this video to see how to do it.

This is going to provide you with some basic stats that you can use to figure out your Customer Avatar. OOH. If this is  new term for you, it’s basically identifying the who/what/why of the person who is going to buy all the amazing stuff you create.

These people LOVE your stuff and want to wrap themselves in your skin, ops, products (seriously, I have readers like this that just love me too much …)  Anyhow, they put their money where it matters: in your pocket!

You’re also going to be doing reader surveys and asking to meet with readers on a hangout (you’re famous, right?) where you can ask them what they’re struggling with. People share more in person than in a survey, and for some strange reason they tend to lie more in them.

For surveys, you can use paid services like Survey Monkey and Survey Gizmo.  I honestly only survey my readers once or twice a year so I see no need to use those services, although they do make it very easy to read and view the final statistics.

I use Google Forms and you can check out this video on how to create a branded form.

Now, you need to brainstorm 8 questions to ask your readers to see if your product/goal that you have in mind actually jives with your audience.  If not, you can change directions and follow that their lead, or change your audience by creating new content that targets them.

Two great question that I like to ask are:

1. What does your typical Sunday look like?

2. What does your Monday look like?

You might be thinking, what? Why don’t I ask, “What will you buy from me right now?”

Well, we need to find out if your audience is hiking on Sunday, at the spa, or prepping a week of food.   On Monday, are they driving to work or dropping the kids off at Montessori?

We need to know what they “have” to do each week. Not love. You’re entire goal is figure out what their pain point is that you can create a solution for.   People buy solutions, not products.  

I do ask really blunt stuff like, “if you had a magic wand, what is the one thing that you would have done for you every week so you don’t have to do it?”

Some other questions I ask:

1. What are the tasks that you do on a day-to-day basis for your (fill in your niche)?

2. How do you feel when you have to do those tasks?

3. If you could wave a magic wand and do anything related to that task, what would it be?

4. How do you prefer to learn? Blog Posts? Podcasts? Videos? An App?


To get people on the phone/Skype with me for 15 to 20 minutes.  I tell them that I really want to create a something that will help them in their daily life. I saw that I’d love to learn more about more about what they are struggling with in their daily life.  Also, that I AM NOT selling anything on the call.

You will get your hardcore fans which is who you want to talk to.

Don’t be shy about asking. You never know what answers you will get.

Here is the  Blogging Blueprint Ideal Customer Avatar to fill out.  You will use data the combined data from Quantcast and your reader survey to fill this out.

Check the homework for the week!