Module 4

Affiliate Products


It’s possible to make  a lot of money by promoting other people’s products.  I know that right now in my niche, I see a constant stream of people selling Essential Oils.  I got caught up in the craze (Hey, people are making 20K a month, it’s hard not to get all starry-eyed) and so I decided to get on my soapbox and start promoting them.

Two things happened:

1. I hated having a boss.  I’m so used to creating my business as I desire to be that the rules of the business model didn’t mesh with me.

2. My content got flagged and they asked me to remove my posts (which I did immediately). I’m not about being a rule breaker and I don’t want the FDA to come down on me. However, it’s interesting that 90% of their successful bloggers are using the content I was flagged for.  It still wasn’t enough and them they asked me to take down my website and social media completely.  I politely said Hello No and parted ways with them.

Now, the is a MLM structure so it’s vastly different from Amazon (which still has rules that you have to follow that can also change on a whim of the business).  I would never consider affiliate products to be the main source of income from my website.



Places to Find Affiliate Products




Commission Junction


Your network: Seriously, ask your friends if they have products that you can promote (great relationship builder).

Bonus section for Amazon