Module 4


Bloggers love them some ads.  I won’t lie. I’ve made half of my income from ads, but as I’ve said a million times, ads fluctuate and you cannot count on them.

Other issues from ads:

1. They slow down your site

2. You have limited control over what is shown

3.  They can be complicated to set up

Bloggers also have this belief that giving over control to someone else to manage their ads means that they will make more money. Sometimes this is true. Sometimes it is not.

I get it, you have blog posts to create, kids to manage, and dinners to make and you don’t want to check on your ads every 5 minutes.  You need to at least have a rough idea of how to do this.

At some point ads should be the pocket change from your website, so remember, it’s your products that you are creating that needs to bring in the income.

1. Keep in mind that if you are placing a new ad network on your site, they need at least 30 days to properly target your audience.    They do this by cookie tracking.  This is why your fill might be initially lower in the beginning while they are trying to figure out what your readers are interested in and will click.

2. Some ad networks are cpm = cost per view (you get paid per view) and some are cpc (you get paid per click).  See the graphic of suggested ad placement for cpm and cpc.

How to Waterfall Ads

Here’s a graphic showing the best areas to place ads.   You know how I feel about mid-post ads, but they do get lots of clicks.


Check out these ad networks and test them out.    When someone new approaches you, ask to test them for a month. Also, don’t forget to ask them:

1)  What is your CPM?
2)  What is your fill rate?
3)  Can I use my own passbacks?
4)  Do you have a dashboard where I can check my ad revenue?
5)  Is there a way for me to block ads I don’t want on my blog?
6)  Do you do ads with autoplay sound, floating surveys, takeovers, or pop-ups?
7) Do I need to assign my traffic to you?

Click the link to open up the file to grab the code for the footer:

Side by Side Ad Code


Ad Networks

  1.  Adsense
  2.  Gourmet Ads
  3.  Blogher
  5.  MediaVine
  6.  Sovrn
  7.  Conversant
  8.  Federated Media/Daily Buzz
  9.  Yieldbot
  10.  Chitika 
  11.  Vibrant Media
  12.  Amazon CPM Ads
  13.  Switch Ads
  14.  Technorati Media
  15.  Triple Lift 
  16.  Today’s Mama
  17.  Foodie Blog Roll