Can I just say that I’m flattered that you want to learn more about little ol’ me.

So. . .

My name is Kelly Bejelly (Google it).

No, it’s not my real last name, but does it count if my mother has called me this name my entire life? I guess it makes sense that it stuck.

I consider myself a heart-centered mentor with a potty mouth.

I love love love love love love (no my keyboard didn’t get stuck) helping people as  much as I love making money.

So why am I teaching bloggers how to get their money-making super powers back (or find them for the first time)?

One, I truly believe that you should be paid for your work (you are changing lives and that’s like, priceless right?)

Two, the internet needs one less abandoned website (cue sad music)

Three, I kinda get high off of teaching people how to make money  because financial freedom is the new black.

And because I gotta put my $$$ where my mouth is . . .

I’ve been in the business of blogging for over 4 years, and during that time I have spent thousands of dollars and ekk. . .  I  won’t even go into the hours spent Googling to learn about marketing, branding, working with brands, SEO, launching… You name it, I’ve read about it or taken a course so that I could make my career a success.

I made no money my first year and my second year. I got laser focused about the business of blogging my third year and I took my families income from food stamps to six figures.

I’m the Goddess in Charge at A Girl Worth Saving.

I’m a published author (I got my own cookbook y’all),

I run a successful meal planning website,

I’ve had my work featured in Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Natural Solutions Magazine and more.

If you’ve read this much you’re probably thinking “Hey, this chick might be cool to learn from”.

Your next step . . .

Take one (or all) of my courses that once sold for hundreds of dollars bur are now free.

Yes, free.

If you feel called to send me a love donation, I’m totally open for that.

But, if you really want to repay me, please share this site with your friends. Share it in groups, spread the word so that you are part of this amazing karmic gift.


With love,